Maps and Routes

In this section you may find maps and routes that I particularly liked for some reason and decided to share with you. I will try to be precise and give you a review about the route:


Saint Sauveur sur Tinee to Beuil (D30/M30)
Great route, mountain road, good surface, very curvy and not too steep from Beuil to Col de la Couiolle (1678 mts). Be aware that D30 Changes to M30 after the Col towards Saint Sauveur sur Tinee, very steep and curvy, narrow at points with a few hairpins and pittoresque tunnels. It is very scenic and pleasant to ride. Very recommended!!
Gorges cu Cians (D28)
One of the most scenic roads of France, ride through a canyon of red rock, a couple sections are closed to traffic forcing you to divert through some pretty tunnels dug in the rock. Wide road in the most places, not steep with a few good corners. and very well maintained. One of the top french dangerous roads, this one will take your breath away with it’s scenery. A MUST DO!!!
Gorges du Nan (D22) and Route des Presles ( D292)
One of the most scenic routes I have ever done, balcony roads, narrow, high altitude, not for the faint hearted. Very curvy and steep, fantastic views. surface in good condition. It will take you a lot of time to complete as it is impossible to not stop to take pictures.


Col de Rousset to Chamaloc (Die) (D518)
Mountain road, ride from 1300mts to 470mts above the sea level, light to moderate traffic and possibility of lots of motorbikes on the road. Wide with road markings well-defined and  many wide hairpins. Very curvy, not too steep and the surface maintained in very good condition. Great scenery independently if you are traveling on an ascent or descent orientation. Starts after the Ski Station du Rousset thorough a 770mt long tunnel and ends in Chamalot. Low police presence. A great road for all bikers!!!
Gorges du Daluis (D2202) 
One of the most amazing roads of France. Ride through 17 narrow tunnels and through a road cutting red rock, great gorges alongside the Var river. Surface in good condition, not too curvy and not steep, amazing scenery and very popular among bikers. National route but not too busy. Low police presence.  highly recomended!!!!!


 Les Scaffarels to La Roche Percee  (N202 route de Grenoble)
 Only 3.2 miles but one of the greatest roads, mountain road,  very curvy and slightly steep, a few tight corners with the perfect camber, very well marked and maintained, narrow in a few points but with a good visibility. Go through a great pierced rock and simply enjoy it. Be aware of a small village ” Rouaine” where you should slow down a bit. Low police presence, GREAT ROAD!!!!

More coming soon…

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